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Top 5 Healthcare Concerns to Kenyans

min of health

In lieu of the recent news reports of Kenyan doctors striking, we (My Health Kenya) decided to launch a healthcare-themed social media campaign on Facebook. The following hypothetical question was posed: “If you were the Minister of Health for Kenya, what law would you pass to better the health of the people and why?” The […]

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Simple Weight Loss Tips for Everyone


For many people, weight loss seems like a complicated combination of diet and rigorous exercise but that doesn’t have to be the case. Even without access to a gym or the supervision of an expert, there are simple measures each one of us can undertake to lose weight effectively from the comfort of home. Most […]

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Tactics of Buying Fresh Food at the Market


All of us have been sent to the market to get some fresh vegetables and if we were honest there are times when our parents or spouses have scoffed at our choices. I always had a problem whenever my mother sent me on market duty as I had no clue on how to pick the […]

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How to Keep the Spark Alive Past Valentines


In the beginning, of the year, most couples are happy after immense fun during the holidays. People are just in love at this time, often vowing to commit to one another and their dreams together but in the months after Valentines the spark starts to fade. This is mostly brought on by monotony, boredom or […]

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Good Food For Your Skin


Experts say it so much that it has become cliché but it is still true that you are what you eat. Your skin’s appearance is a reflection of what you eat. You need to eat right to ensure that your largest organ looks supple, feels soft and most importantly, remains healthy. Our country is full […]

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Top 10 Healthy Foods in Kenya


Kenya is a rich fertile land where many healthy foods grow. Most crops grow all seasons helping locals and visitors alike to fill their stomachs with healthy compounds whenever they like. Avocado Avocados have many health benefits but most notable is the prevention of breast cancer thanks to significant amounts of oleic acid in it. […]

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10 Unhealthy Habits of Kenyan Men

10 Unhealthy Habits of Kenyan Men

There are several unhealthy habits among people from all parts of the world but today, we turn the spotlight on Kenyan men. Here are some of their unhealthy habits that they could change in order to live full, rich lives; 1. Beer and Nyamachoma are two words that capture a Kenyan man’s attention in an […]

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The age of gaming for the greater good.


Many people say that playing games are a waste of time . Well, now thanks to Allan Makhwana playing games could actually be a good thing. It can change people’s lives. You probably reading this and thinking what I am saying is absurd. How can playing a game help people? Well, a revolutionary game called […]

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Health Insurance Poll

Health Insurance

We recently conducted a poll on My Health’s Facebook page asking our fans what type of health insurance cover they have. The options were as follows: A: Full medical insurance cover. (inpatient, outpatient, dental, etc.) B: Limited medical insurance cover. (inpatient only) C: No cover at all. The results showed that 45% of all votes […]

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The Mind


According to a marketing and advertising news blog Adrants, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste but a wonderful thing to invest in.” When we talk about the mind, most of us relate it to the brain which is natural, as our mind tends to attach tangible elements to any thought or feeling for […]

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Top 5 Healthcare Concerns to Kenyans

min of health

In lieu of the recent news reports of Kenyan doctors striking, we (My Health Kenya) decided to launch a healthcare-themed […]

How to maintain happiness in 10 easy steps

There are hundreds if not thousands of quotes about happiness but no matter how many words of wisdom our ancestors […]

How to help your child deal with teenage stress

Like anyone else, teenagers are faced with stressful situations all the time. Adolescence and self- discovery are just some of […]

Signs of Mental Illness

Mental illnesses are common but people are either too detached from reality or burying their heads in the sand to […]

What to do When Feeling Suicidal

Mental Health

Most people feel like committing suicide at one point in their lives but the difference is in how they deal […]

How to budget for Christmas


We all want to spoil our loved ones and buy gifts for Christmas, but our pockets sometimes wouldn’t allow this […]