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8 Healthy Eating Myths Busted!

Carbs are bad The sugars, starches, and fibers in some foods are an essential part of everyone’s diet. There are some people who live under the notion that carbs are bad and must be avoided at all costs but that is inherently false. Carbohydrates are an important macronutrient that the human body needs for energy. […]

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Healthy Eating Hacks on a Budget in Kenya

Healthy Eating Hacks on a Budget in Kenya

When you ask people about their unhealthy eating habits, many confess the desire for proper nutrition but quickly complain that it is impossible on a budget. With little income supposed to feed a family, it is easy to choose junk food or avoid certain nutrients. This is a bad and untrue suggestion because healthy eating […]

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Top Foods Enjoyed in Kenya and Their Benefits


Beans There are several types of beans consumed in different regions of Kenya. They are a common feature in stews to accompany favorites like chapatti and rice. In addition to rich flavors, beans are loved for their abundance in healthy nutrients like zinc, B vitamins, copper, and magnesium. Eating beans, therefore, reduces chances of getting […]

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Unraveling the Health Benefits of Onions


Onions are an integral part of Kenyan cuisine but besides the flavor they add to our food, few know of its amazing health benefits. Red and white onions come from the allium family of herbs which have been cultivated since time immemorial for their pungent flavors but also medicinal powers. Onions are available all year […]

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Simple Weight Loss Tips for Everyone


For many people, weight loss seems like a complicated combination of diet and rigorous exercise but that doesn’t have to be the case. Even without access to a gym or the supervision of an expert, there are simple measures each one of us can undertake to lose weight effectively from the comfort of home. Most […]

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Bananas

The Amazing Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are ranked high among the world’s healthiest foods and for good reasons. It is incredible that these creamy, wonderfully sweet fruits in a yellow jacket are available all year round so that we can happily reap the amazing benefits from New Years to Christmas. Bananas contain various nutrients in different amounts, all of which […]

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Health Benefits of Ginger


The ancient medical science, Ayurveda, gives ginger the status of a virtual medicine chest. Not surprising as ginger has a long tradition in herbal medicine of being very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress – as an excellent carminative ( a substance which promotes the elimination of intestinal gas) and intestinal spasmolytic ( A […]

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4 Simple Hacks to Boost your Energy


Ice, Ice Baby If you’re feeling tired, you could be dehydrated. Drink a glass of water and make it ice cold for a higher dose of energy. Fiber All Day Long Get most out of your snacking habit and opt for trail mix or a banana and almond butter for a more sustained energy boost […]

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Tactics of Buying Fresh Food at the Market


All of us have been sent to the market to get some fresh vegetables and if we were honest there are times when our parents or spouses have scoffed at our choices. I always had a problem whenever my mother sent me on market duty as I had no clue on how to pick the […]

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How to Keep the Spark Alive Past Valentines


In the beginning, of the year, most couples are happy after immense fun during the holidays. People are just in love at this time, often vowing to commit to one another and their dreams together but in the months after Valentines the spark starts to fade. This is mostly brought on by monotony, boredom or […]

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Top 5 Healthcare Concerns to Kenyans

min of health

In lieu of the recent news reports of Kenyan doctors striking, we (My Health Kenya) decided to launch a healthcare-themed […]

How to maintain happiness in 10 easy steps

There are hundreds if not thousands of quotes about happiness but no matter how many words of wisdom our ancestors […]

How to help your child deal with teenage stress

Like anyone else, teenagers are faced with stressful situations all the time. Adolescence and self- discovery are just some of […]

Signs of Mental Illness

Mental illnesses are common but people are either too detached from reality or burying their heads in the sand to […]

What to do When Feeling Suicidal

Mental Health

Most people feel like committing suicide at one point in their lives but the difference is in how they deal […]

How to budget for Christmas


We all want to spoil our loved ones and buy gifts for Christmas, but our pockets sometimes wouldn’t allow this […]