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Drink Alcohol Safely in the Festive Season


The festive season is a time when people gather socially with family and friends across the world. But sometimes it can be ruined by too much alcohol. While many will reach January 2015 and look back over the season with happy memories, others will remember the bad effects of drinking too much – headaches, sickness, […]

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Mental Illness – What is Schizophrenia?


When someone behaves erratically we say they are schizophrenic. When people have two or more sides to their personality, we also say they must have schizophrenia. But what really is this devastating disorder? A study published in The Lancet found that schizophrenia with active psychosis is the third most disabling condition after quadriplegia and dementia, […]

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How to Have a Healthy Heart – Start Today


Diet, sleep and fitness – this is how simple it is to begin right now to strengthen and protect your heart. Of course there are a few other issues, but you really can prevent heart disease by following a heart-healthy lifestyle. It is known that heart disease is a killer. It is one of the […]

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Some Tips to Reduce Malaria Infection


Despite making significant gains in promoting awareness of health and wellness in Kenya, preventable diseases remain a serious issue. Malaria is one of the country’s biggest problems, with thousands of children dying every year from this treatable disease. According to Malaria is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Kenya. 25 million out […]

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FAQ: What you Should Know about the Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Ever


One of the deadliest things about the Ebola Virus is not that it is almost always fatal. The most catastrophic aspect is that the infection spreads so easily. Nose, eyes, mouth broken skin – all these are a vehicle for the almost certain infection by the Ebola virus after contact with infected people. Burial ceremonies […]

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Stay Safe from the Ebola Virus – What you Need to Know


The 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the worst outbreak of the haemorrhagic disease since it was discovered in 1976. With over 700 deaths to date it is evolving into a huge crisis, not only for Africa, but for the rest of the world. Ebola first appeared in 1976 in two simultaneous outbreaks, in […]

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How to Eat to Protect your Heart


To improve your heart health, why not start by changing what’s on your plate? You know there is a saying that “you are what you eat”. Whether you’re trying to prevent future heart problems or are already living with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle could have […]

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Get Rid of Exhaustion. How to Help Yourself to Feel Better


Do you feel like you need a holiday? Are you exhausted all the time? Well here are a few tips to help you feel better. We assume you are only tired, not ill. Your life is hectic with work and or family and kids and you just feel that you are a step behind all […]

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Youth Suicide Cases are on the Rise in Kenya


According to the Standard Digital,  a first study detailing incidence of suicide in Africa, estimates that about 3,000 Kenyans in every 100,000 commit or attempt to take their own lives. Kenya comes 65th out of 192 countries according to the World Health Rankings on suicide prevalence. The report says although more women than men in […]

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High Blood Pressure – What Causes It?


High blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension is a serious condition that can lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, and other health problems. Known as the “silent killer”, high blood pressure (hypertension) rarely has obvious symptoms, and usually catches people by surprise when they land in hospital. Hypertension Risk Factors Hypertension risk […]

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Top 5 Healthcare Concerns to Kenyans

min of health

In lieu of the recent news reports of Kenyan doctors striking, we (My Health Kenya) decided to launch a healthcare-themed […]

How to maintain happiness in 10 easy steps

There are hundreds if not thousands of quotes about happiness but no matter how many words of wisdom our ancestors […]

How to help your child deal with teenage stress

Like anyone else, teenagers are faced with stressful situations all the time. Adolescence and self- discovery are just some of […]

Signs of Mental Illness

Mental illnesses are common but people are either too detached from reality or burying their heads in the sand to […]

What to do When Feeling Suicidal

Mental Health

Most people feel like committing suicide at one point in their lives but the difference is in how they deal […]

How to budget for Christmas


We all want to spoil our loved ones and buy gifts for Christmas, but our pockets sometimes wouldn’t allow this […]