5 Tips to Make Your Christmas Feast Healthy

I t’s the festive season when all of us find a reason to go for greasy steaks, burgers, fries and any junk food we can lay our hands on. Unfortunately all that splurging only serves your taste buds leaving your entire body in utter chaos. Cholesterol, sodium and chemical preservatives used in fast foods clog arteries and settle in the wrong places leaving you to contend with serious issues like unwanted weight gain, high blood pressure and uncontrollable cravings when the festivities are over. While unhealthy foods are truly enticing you can rely on the following 5 tips to make your feast healthy;

  • Use plain yoghurt or fat-free sour cream in mashed potatoes, casseroles and mashed potatoes.







  • Instead of roasting your meat for the Christmas party you can bake it and serve with a good helping of vegetables.






  • Instead of frying food in oil you can steam it and season whole spices for a delicious tang. If you must have fries choose healthier sweet potatoes and bake the chips as opposed to deep frying them. If you must use oil to cook your food, choose pure oils and use as little as possible.








  • Instead of having soda or other carbonated soft drinks, use your juicer to prepare adequate fresh fruit juice. This is not only refreshing, but it reduces sugar intake by a huge margin. To avoid overeating, choose a handful of nuts to fill you up with healthy fiber. Also, eat plenty fruits and veggies to pack in all the roughage you need for proper digestion.

fresh fruit juices on wooden table, on window background







  • A feast wouldn’t be complete without some beer to down all the food. If you want to have some bottles, remember to have plenty of water to drink in order to hydrate and prevent a mega hangover the following day. Alternatively you can choose low-calorie beers and replace some bottle with some soft drink to soften the blow.








These may seem like too much for a season of indulgence, but the effort will certainly save you months of grueling exercise or dieting once the jingle bells stop ringing.

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