How to Keep the Skin Moisturized no Matter the Weather

T hose of us who pay attention to our skin know that keeping it moisturized is the ultimate beauty secret. Unfortunately, we assume that our skin only needs extra care in hot weather when it is likely to lose more moisture and abandon any attempts to moisturize when it is cold. This is too bad because skin without enough water to keep it hydrated is unappealing. The best solution is finding a skin moisturizing regimen that works for your skin type all year round:

1.Drink Water:


Water is the best moisturizer that you will ever find and thankfully it is readily available. Drink plenty of water every fay to ensure that some reaches your skin to keep it supple. Hot showers are the leading cause of dry, chapped skin and if you want to avoid this have cold baths or use warm water when it is too cold.


2. Moisturize:


Choose moisturizing bath products and when you step out of the shower pat yourself dry using a soft towel as opposed to rubbing vigorously. After drying up, your skin apply generous amounts of a rich moisturizer to prevent water from escaping and drying out your skin.


3.Use Sunscreen:


Famous skin care authorities advise people to wear sunscreen whether it is cold or hot. This prevents U.V rays from damaging your skin by drying it out and causing it to crack.




4. Eat and live Healthy:


People must also commit to healthy eating and lifestyle choices if they want glowing, youthful skin all year round. Eating plenty fruits and vegetables for example; keeps your skin moisturized prevents blemishes and keeps infections at bay. Smokers and dedicated drinkers often have bad skin to show for their habits.

There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to keep your skin moisturized but the measures discussed above are fundamental. Be thorough in your search for a sunscreen, moisturizers and other skin care products to ensure that your choice is the safest and most ideal for your skin type. Avoid sharing products with others as everyone’s skin is unique with features that determine the efficacy of certain products. If you take these steps seriously throughout the year, you will never have to deal with black spots, cracked skin, or chapped lips no matter how cold, hot or humid it becomes this year.

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