Do not let binge drinking get the better of you Many people enjoy celebrating special occasions with a glass or two of champagne or more commonly enjoy social drinking on weekends and holidays. Binge drinking is defined as the consumption of large quantities of alcohol within a short frame of time in order to feel the effects of being drunk or intoxicated. In today’s society it is much easier for teenagers to be influenced into binge drinking habits. These habits can start from a young age and continue into adulthood. This type of excessive drinking can have major long and short term effects on your health, not to mention the damaging effect it can cause growing brains and your overall mental wellbeing.

Have a look at the following long and short term affects which can develop from excessive drinking habits. Short term effects include: Headaches, distorted vision and hearing, memory loss, impaired judgement, drowsiness and slurred speech. The long-term effects include: Liver disease, nerve damage, depression, permanent damage to the brain, cancer of the mouth and throat, increased family/personal complications.

Binge drinking weakens the Central Nervous System, making you feel less self-conscious and can also numb feelings of sadness, anxiety or depression. The underlying truth is that binge drinking takes you away from reality into another state of mind that rarely leads into a positive, healthy direction. Here are some tips to help you avoid binge drinking:

1.) Set personal goals:
Write down the reasons why you want to drink less or stop completely. It can be anything from improving your health, image or personal relationships and furthermore how you are going to fulfil these objectives.

2.) Ask for help from family and friends:
A good idea would be to open up to your close family and friends and explain to them that you are serious about sticking to your goals and would like their support.

3.) Avoid the temptation:
There are certain places and occasions where we tend to drink more and cannot always avoid. Devise a plan to help you curve the temptation of alcohol such as trying the range of non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu or focus your attention on being healthy and going for that morning jog.

4.) Never give up on your goals:
Whatever your goals may be, remember that this is not an easy road and you might slipup once or twice. We are only human so never consider yourself a failure because this could allow you to feel demotivated. All you need to do is to remember your goals and get back on track.

Becoming a compulsive binge drinker is not always easy to recognise especially when enjoying holiday breaks with friends and family. Try not to overindulge and find the balance between drinking in moderation and more importantly sticking to your goals.

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