M ost people feel like committing suicide at one point in their lives but the difference is in how they deal with those uncomfortable thoughts. If you are at this point don’t panic about suicidal thoughts but instead try as hard as possible to deal with the problem.
We think of suicide when our troubles, pain and grief are seemingly so much to bear. It is during such low moments that we only want to end all our misery. The solution is not in taking poison, hanging or cutting your wrists-it is in understanding that everyone has hurdles in life and learning how to cope till better days come. Here are some examples of things you can do when feeling suicidal;
• However strong the urge to take drastic action, try to put some distance between these thoughts and action. Give yourself a reasonable timeline in which you should promise yourself not to take any negative action.
• During this time, avoid any drugs or alcohol which could make suicidal thoughts stronger. Surround yourself with decent company of people who will help you forget your negative desires. It could help if you keep yourself engaged in positive activities to draw attention away from your problems.
• Remove anything from your home that you could use to harm yourself. If you don’t feel strong enough to do this yourself talk to someone you trust and have them take custody of knives, firearms, ropes or prescription medicines that you could use to inflict self-harm.
• Above all things find someone to talk to as suicidal thoughts shouldn’t be kept private. A pastor, loyal friend, parent, teacher or counselor could be all you need to save you from eventually harming yourself. You shouldn’t let fear or embarrassment deter you from sharing your problems as contrary to common assumption, nearly everyone experiences such thoughts.
The fact that you are trying to figure out what to do about suicidal thoughts is a great sign. It means you are ready to get to the root of your problems rather than end your life before you can reach your destiny. It might not be obvious right now but there is always a solution to whatever problem you might be facing. No matter what it is that is driving you to these thoughts, find a person to confide in and draw on your inner strength to face the situation head-on. Whatever you do, remember that suicide is a permanent problem to a temporary situation. Give yourself time enough to see things change and before you realize it the pain will have subsided.

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