C elebrating the New Year and enjoying a well-deserved break over the festive season is very important for your mental health, but so is getting straight back into good daily routines. As we return into our daily routines, we can often feel dull and uninspired. Preparing for the year ahead is not only a mental obstacle but can also be a physical one too. This is how you can progressively prepare yourself for the transformation from holiday mode into regular daily living.



When returning to work after a holiday or time off, don’t stress yourself with all the tasks at hand and trying to catch up on everything in one day. Start by tackling easy tasks that will not exhaust you or take an entire day to complete. Ease yourself into your workload and maybe even consider taking a half day during your first week back.

After a long break we can easily forget all that needs to be done at work. Start by compiling a to-do-list and prioritise each task so that you don’t get caught up in other less important work. This way you will not feel anxious about forgetting anything important that needs to be done.

Try and establish good working habits for the year. This may be anything from checking your emails less and not getting easily distracted, to building stronger communication systems with your boss or colleagues.


An+African-American+couple+preparing+a+healthy+meal (1)Getting back on track with healthy, nutritional eating habits is not very difficult when you have set goals in mind, which will affect you positively in the long run. It’s always a good idea to begin the year with a good detox plan, especially after all the festive binge eating.
It is extremely important not to starve yourself or skip meals. This may lead to snacking on sweet treats and junk food. Eating slowly and enjoying your food also prevents you from overeating. Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every day will help add fibre, water and lots of vitamins and minerals to your diet. Smoothies are great healthy summer options. Remember to drink lots of water especially on hot days or when exercising to keep your body hydrated.


When commencing a fitness programme, keep the following tips in mind: Invest in a good pair of workout shoes, you will not regret it. Start slowly by walking and warming up your muscles, then gradually start picking up the pace. Listen to your body. If you feel out of breath, nauseous or dizzy take a break, your body needs it. Be creative and do different exercises during the week such as cycling, jogging, rowing or hiking.

In the beginning, allow yourself to take a day off between workouts. You don’t want to push yourself to hard, too fast.


When facing the New Year, try and remember all the positive and successful decisions you have made, because this will give you a positive outlook for the year ahead. Set resolutions that you can stick too and give yourself the patience and time to achieve these goals.

Remember that successfully changing your behaviour comes from the inside out.

For more information have a look at the following links:
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Exercising: www.mayoclinic.com
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