L ike anyone else, teenagers are faced with stressful situations all the time. Adolescence and self- discovery are just some of the things likely to cause anger, confusion or self-loathing. Parents of teenage children must be very in touch with their emotions to understand what the kids are going through and help them out. Most of dismiss the signs of teenage stress to be rebellion or a ‘phase’ that they will soon get out of. Don’t leave your teens to their means or view everything they do or say as rebellion. Instead become your child’s friend guiding them through this complicated phase in their life. Here is a guide that parents everywhere can use to help their teenage children cope with stress;

If you notice signs of stress like moodiness, withdrawal from social groups or sudden loss of interest in hobbies sit them down for a talk. Don’t try to be judgmental at this point but instead try to listen to their feelings so you can identify what is really wrong. Parents must tread very carefully at this point in order to gain trust and get the child to open up.

You need to be in your teenagers’ life but not so much that it feels like you are overbearing. Be their friend but don’t try so hard to pry because it could create distance. If you feel like there is trouble brewing discuss your suspicions with the child but be ready to be pushed away until they are ready to open up. Remember that stress in your teenage daughter could be a positive thing that builds their character and allow them to solve problems by themselves if possible. Learn to give your teenager the space they need to grow and before long they will learn to trust you with their issues.

Sometimes your daughter or teenage son might choose confide in another person and as their parent you need to respect that. Just because you bore and raised them doesn’t make you their favorite person on earth. You don’t have to impose on your child to gain their love or access to their private thoughts. As long as the people they choose to confide in are great examples and loyal to them it is wise for you to offer your support and thank the laurels that they have someone to help them solve life’s riddles.

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