How to cope or deal with depressionDepression can be defined as having a medical illness which causes a constant feeling of sadness, hopelessness and loss of interest that can also lead to physical complications. There are many types of depression categorized by different symptoms. The most common type of depression is called Major depression or Chronic depression.

Dealing with depression requires long-term treatment and is not something you can change overnight. People with depression can start to feel more positive about life with medication, psychological counselling and other treatments. Here are some ideas that could help you deal or cope with depression:

Start small:
The key to recovery is baby steps. Set yourself small goals and stay focused on achieving them, and when you do, reward yourself for each accomplishment.

Build supportive relationships:
Even though you might not want to be in the company of people, remember it is more difficult to maintain a positive perspective alone. Try and keep close relationships with friends and family who love and care for you.

Join a support group:
Being surrounded by people in a similar situation can help reduce your sense of loneliness. A support group is very helpful for expressing your feelings, encouraging one another, and giving and receiving advice on how to cope.

Take control of negative thinking:
Would you tell someone what you think of yourself? People with depression have very low self-esteem because they judge themselves very harshly. Try and beat this source of self-imposed stress by challenging negative thinking.

Take care of yourself:
If you want to lead a more positive life, start by taking care of yourself by getting 8 hours of sleep a night, exercise regularly, eating healthy and managing your stress. You could also find something that relaxes you like yoga or reading.

Pet loving:
Caring for a pet can bring you great joy and make you feel less isolated with a sense of being needed.

There are many more tips to help you cope or deal with depression. Please follow the links below for more information:
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