M ental illnesses are common but people are either too detached from reality or burying their heads in the sand to notice it. We are so comfortable with the notion that mental illness happen to other people but if we opened our eyes a little wider it would be easy to see that these problems are much more closer home. This time around let’s try to unravel the signs of mental illness so you can understand it better;

Signs of mental illness
• Confusion is a major sign in which an individual is unable to think with their usual level of clarity. It might arise without warning or gradually progress over time. Confused people are usually unable to recognize their relatives, important dates or even their way home. It is often disheartening for the patient who experiences such feelings of disorientation and impaired decision making.
• Mental illness is characterized by growing inability to cope with daily activities. Depression, anxiety and stress are common issues that make people feel extremely worked up about routine activities like showering, doing dishes or simply going to work. If your friend suddenly loses interest in a hobby you shared or keeps giving excuses about getting late to work for days in a row, it is possible they are mentally ill.
• Strong feelings of anger, worry and strange thoughts often point to mental illness in adolescents and adults. If you wake up every morning feeling sad, inept and angry at the world it is about time you sought professional help for underlying mental health issues.
• When people are depressed and anxious they often turn to various substances to help them feel happier. Substance abuse is often a sign that people are plagued by thoughts and fears they would like to forget. Helping the mentally ill as soon as you notice the signs is a great thing to do to prevent them from becoming substance abusers. Drugs like alcohol often lead to severe mental health issues instead of providing the relief patients really need.

If you see any of these signs in yourself or a loved one try as much as possible to seek help. The earlier the better because left untreated mental health issues can lead down a path of unhappiness and gloom. Whatever you do, keep your mind away from the negative because as much as the glass may be half empty, it is undeniably half full.

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