W e all know that it is time for all of us to start taking better care of our bodies, minds and spirits. So in the light of this, we asked you to give us your personal best health tips for 2014 on our Facebook Page.

We were overwhelmed with your feedback. It is obvious that the people of Kenya are serious about good health. So, after sifting through all of your tips, these were our selection of the ten best health tips. Many of the other tips repeated elements of these tips, but we feel that these ten people summed up best how Kenyans feel they can keep healthy for 2014.

1. Rose Karinga – Eat healthy i.e. a balanced diet in the right portions and also exercise regularly. Have only positive minded people around you. Avoid stress and sleep the recommended eight hours. Eat a variety of fruits too. Avoid processed food and eat natural foods as much as you can. Also remember to drink eight glasses of water daily! Finally don’t believe all the myths about losing weight that people tell you, otherwise you may end up experimenting with so many things that may lead to poor health and disease.

2. Hannah Njeri – Eat well, drink a lot of water and do a lot of exercise… if you have a really serious problem, see a doctor for more advice.

3. Mbaria John – Be careful that you live in a clean area; wash your hands regularly with a recommended anti- bacterial soap.

4. James Ogwera – Eat well; exercise well; get enough sleep and surround yourself only with people who love you. It is the advice I give myself every day because it works for me and might do for you as well.

5. Josephine Kimani – Eat a variety of food in the right portions. Be active and stay away from unhealthy foods. Breathe deeply and relax and be clean.

6. Edwin Wacoli – Observe your hygiene always and eat a balanced diet. Always drink clean water.

7. Gabbuh Qiwara – For an increased life-span and healthy body functions one should insist on daily physical exercise. A person should eat more whole grains in their meals and the less sugars and fats.

8. – Lilian Kaboo – My advice is avoid stress; eat food that gives you energy; make sure you drink eight glasses of water a day; make sure you get enough sleep. Do a lot of exercise and avoid bad people.

9. Maina Wanja – Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper.

And last but not least, the closing word on our Health Tips for 2014:

10. Francis Magomba – Do not over-rely on health books. You may die of a misprint.

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