W e are all on a tight budget and we need to be able to stretch our Shillings to reach as far as possible.
Let us look at 10 tips to save money every day. They will mostly be familiar with all of you as they are really just common sense. But if you take note of this and line up a few of these money saving tips you will certainly feel a difference in the weight of your purse.

1. Budget! Sounds like the most obvious point, doesn’t it, but budgeting is the cornerstone of all smart financial planning. You don’t have to be an accountant or even able to work on a spreadsheet, just make a list. Write down everything – it helps you to be aware of what you are spending.

2. Clear all debts as soon as possible. You could save hundreds or thousands on interest. Interest on debt eats up money faster than a hungry lion can devour a buck. So try not to have any debt, and if you do, try to bring it down or get rid of it.

3. This tip probably sounds a bit crazy, but when you are shopping for groceries in a supermarket, the smaller package size is often cheaper. People seem to think that buying Super size of Jumbo size of a product automatically brings them a big saving but that is not always the case. Before you buy a Extra-large size, check the prize of the smaller size and do a calculation.

4. Don’t miss out on discounts; watch out for advertising in your newspaper or on the radio or flyers dropped in your area – keep a watchful eye out.

5. When you are driving, save petrol. Bundle your errands into one long, massive round trip at a time, so that you can save on costs – you will save on tires as well.

6. Service and maintain your car regularly. It may feel like an extra expense but you’ll save big bucks in the long run. You don’t want your engine to seize or your car to break down and then to find out you have to pay a big amount of money to get it repaired.

7. Before opening a bank account, shop around. Check to see which has fewer fees and would be more convenient. Also think about what you really want from the bank – what kind of bank account you need.

8. Be like the people in the USA and host a swap party. Swapping clothes, appliances, books, etc with someone else would save you. Invite a few of your friends to each bring over some items that they don’t want or need and exchange them. OK, this may not be a typical African custom, but it is a great way to get rid of stuff you don’t need and get some good things you do need in return.

9. Don’t eat out too much. A home cooked meal is cheaper and healthier. This includes fast foods – like treats from those Golden Arches that lure us so seductively.

10. Eat like a vegetarian at least once a week. Why you ask, well meat can be pretty expensive, and we know that too much meat isn’t good for us, so how about a Meat Free Monday?

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