T here are several unhealthy habits among people from all parts of the world but today, we turn the spotlight on Kenyan men. Here are some of their unhealthy habits that they could change in order to live full, rich lives;

1. Beer and Nyamachoma are two words that capture a Kenyan man’s attention in an instant but unfortunately, their daily intake of roasted red meat and some bottles of beer ‘for the road’ is a common cause of weight-related health problems.










2. Most men work hard to support their families, but that leads to inadequate sleep. Brain function is affected when people lack enough rest making them turn to sugar, whose high intake is touted to be the leading cause of diabetes in Kenya.

3. Overeating is common among Kenyan men who love competing to see who can stomach the most meat or beer during social gatherings.

4. Most men in these parts do not take exercise seriously, which is no good for their image and heart health considering their unhealthy eating habits.

Getting for summer






5. If an unmarried Kenyan man decides to eat at home, they are more likely to order a pizza or fire up the barbecue instead of whipping up a quick balanced meal.

6. In a bid to deal with hangovers, men turn to coffee and other stimulants to keep them alert during the day.







7. Smoking is a dangerous habit among Kenyan men who seem oblivious of the dangers it poses to one’s health.

how to stop smoking









8. There is so much hysteria over the ‘ripped’ look in Kenya that pulls some men into the grips of anabolic steroids. Trying to gain muscles in this way is an unhealthy habit that could cause serious problems among Kenyan men.

9. Another unhealthy habit by Kenyan men is the failure to cook their food properly. They are always in a hurry to catch up with a movie or the latest football match to let their food cook through that it ends up harming rather than nourishing their bodies.

10. Men in Kenya often forget the need to drink enough water to help flush out toxins or improve absorption of important nutrients for a healthier body.



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