Diabetes – Controlling your Blood Sugar Level

A ll diabetics understand that controlling their blood sugar level is the most effective way of dealing with the illness.We know that although diabetes is a progressive disease, a combination of diet, exercise, and medications can be used to control blood glucose levels.

What is Blood Glucose or Blood Sugar?
Blood glucose also known as blood sugar, is the form of energy in your bloodstream. Food is absorbed and metabolised by the organs in your body, by your enzyme and hormonal systems. Certain foods, such as carbohydrates and smaller parts of protein, are broken down to blood glucose. When you eat, insulin from your pancreas is activated to release glucose from the blood and transport it to the cells of the body to produce energy. In a normal state, the body can carefully balance the amount of insulin and glucose and in this way regulate blood glucose levels.

You are the one who manages your diabetes day by day. You have often heard people say that their “sugar is a little high or that they have “sugar.” These words suggest that diabetes is not a serious disease. That is not correct. Diabetes is serious, but you can learn to manage it. It helps to get as much information as possible.

Kinds of Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes: Your body does not make insulin. This is a problem because you need insulin to take the sugar (glucose) from the foods you eat and turn it into energy for your body. You need to take insulin every day to live.

Type 2 Diabetes: With type 2 diabetes, the body (pancreas) makes insulin, but maybe not enough, or the insulin is unable to transport enough the glucose into body cells. You may need to take pills or insulin to help control your diabetes. Type 2 is the most common type of diabetes.

Five Tips to Improve Blood Sugar Control
Nothing beats a balanced meal plan, an active lifestyle, and diabetes medications as needed to keep your blood glucose levels in check.

• Keep eating habits consistent – do not skip meals
• Overcooked pasta and other starches are likely to give you a bigger rise in blood glucose – take note of portion size
• Talk to your doctor about drinking alcohol as interferes with the liver’s ability to raise blood glucose and can cause low blood sugar
• Have a cup of green tea – this is a great replacement for sugary drinks
• Drink water to save calories and to stay hydrated

The true goal of diabetes treatment is to normalize the blood glucose levels and control them with diet, exercise and medication.

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