Good Food For Your Skin

E xperts say it so much that it has become cliché but it is still true that you are what you eat. Your skin’s appearance is a reflection of what you eat. You need to eat right to ensure that your largest organ looks supple, feels soft and most importantly, remains healthy. Our country is full of farms, markets and stores where we can access fresh food to nourish the skin. If you are keen on eating the right foods, your efforts will be rewarded with flawless skin that will be the envy of everyone around you.

Some people will advise you that whatever is good for your body but while that statement is true there are some foods that are more beneficial to the skin than others and January being the month dedicated to skin, it would be great to celebrate them:









  • Yoghurt has a high protein content that makes your skin firmer so you should try and eat a single serving daily to tone your skin and even out your complexion.








  • Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants that inhibit free radicals from damaging cells. It also encourages blood flow to give the skin an enviable glow. If you cannot find pomegranate in your area choose blueberries which are also rich in antioxidants.







  • Choose peppers, tomatoes, and carrots to give your skin a fighting chance against wrinkles. Orange, yellow and red fruits or vegetables have huge amounts of carotenoids, a strong antioxidant that helps preserve elastin and therefore keep your skin looking younger.






  • Kidney beans should feature regularly in your diet as they are rich in zinc which is crucial to healthy skin. People who eat lots of kidney beans have smooth, soft skin that is free from blemishes.








  • Many locals swear by avocadoes for the best looking, healthy skin all year round. They are rich in vitamin C which the body needs to make collagen, the substance that keeps your skin firm. Avocados also contain mono-saturated fatty acids which maintain moisture in your epidermis thereby ensuring that your skin stays moisturized. You can eat or apply avocados directly on the skin to enjoy their immense benefits.

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