How to Keep the Spark Alive Past Valentines

I n the beginning, of the year, most couples are happy after immense fun during the holidays. People are just in love at this time, often vowing to commit to one another and their dreams together but in the months after Valentines the spark starts to fade. This is mostly brought on by monotony, boredom or dissatisfaction but it doesn’t have to be the case for you. All couples are unique but there are a few steps that everyone can take to keep the sentiments and compassion for each other alive all year round:

  • No matter how busy you might be trying to earn a living, remember that there is someone who values your attention and make some time for them. Nothing will bring your partner closer to you than knowing that no matter how many commitments you have, there is room for them in your life. A date night, lunch, walk in the par or movie are nice gestures to make in an attempt to keep the glow of your love blazing.
  • Sex is an important component of any romantic relationship that must be factored in at all times. Try new things, open up to your partner and talk about anything that makes you uncomfortable. Make things more exciting by embracing each other’s fantasies so that sex becomes an adventure rather than a show.
  • As the month’s fleet by and things at work become more stressful you might forget to have fun with your partner. Doing this creates distance which eventually dims the spark in relationships. Tease, play, joke and be your usual fun self around your spouse instead of moping and complaining whenever you come in from work if you want them to respond to you better.

Relationship experts will tell you for free that many people grow apart because they stop being themselves when they start dating, get married or have children. Changes in one’s life may cause them to look at their partners differently but this year we advise people to focus on keeping the spark alive if only to prove sceptics wrong. It is indeed possible to have a healthy, passionate and satisfying relationship that makes each day seem like its Valentine’s.


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