A ll of us have been sent to the market to get some fresh vegetables and if we were honest there are times when our parents or spouses have scoffed at our choices. I always had a problem whenever my mother sent me on market duty as I had no clue on how to pick the best cabbage, kale or potatoes from rows upon rows on display. It was not until I was old and confident enough that I dared ask my grandmother for advice and what I learnt was priceless. Thankfully I am feeling quite cheerful-January is over and for that I will share my secrets on how to choose the best fresh produce at your local market:

  • If you are out shopping for fruits, start by turning them around to feel them in your hands. The fruit’s skin should be smooth and even without blemishes, dents or patches which are indicative of damage or rot. The flesh should feel firm but give a little when you gently squeeze it to test for ripeness. Make sure that citrus fruits are not too dry on the surface as this signals that they are dry inside.
  • Vegetables are particularly difficult to find fresh but it can be easy if one pays keen attention. They should have consistent coloration on the surface and they must be firm if you want them fresh. If you squeeze cucumbers, potatoes or carrots and they give even a little do not buy them as this is an obvious sign that they are rotting.
  • Green leafy vegetables are crisp, clean and plump when they are fresh. They can be attacked by mold, break and brown as time passes by so be very keen to buy veggies that are rich in colour for the sake of your entire family’s health.
  • Choose a person who sells the freshest produce in the market and make sure that you buy from them. A vendor with a good reputation is unlikely to sell unripe or rotten fruits as they know that customers will disappear.

With these tips you will know exactly what to pick to avoid the embarrassment and scolding that you always get when it is your duty to shop for fruits and vegetables.

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