S ummer is upon us and on those hot summer days we often reach for anything cold, whether it be a beverage, snack or dessert. Anything else just doesn’t look and sound appetizing enough. Most of the time, these snacks are not healthy. Having one too many ice cream cones, desserts or fast food snacks might do more harm than good. Remember, the last thing you need is to gain weight during this busy festive season.

Here are the 5 healthy summer snacks that will not only cool you down, but won’t do damage to your figure as well.

1. Coupe Mount Kenya – This is a delicious Kenyan dessert made with mango, 1 cup heavy ice cream, 1/2cup sugar, 2 tablespoon lemon peels cut in tiny ribbons, ½ condensed milk and ½ teaspoon of salt. This is a very simple and nice desert; very refreshing to enjoy in a hot weather.



2. Avocado pineapple salad – This is a perfect summer salad consisting of fresh pineapples and ripe of avocado. You may add any other additional fruit of your choice as well… YUM!




3.  Banana pineapple yoghurt smoothie – This a refreshing drink made with non-fat plain yoghurt, ripe bananas and unsweetened pineapple juice. You may add a bit of sugar for taste too.



4. Watermelon sliced – Watermelon lovers this one’s for you. A hot day + a slice of watermelon = the best summer’s day.

All you need is to buy a watermelon, slice it up into cubes, add a little bit of juice if you have and put it in a plastic container for munching.


5. Sandwich- one of the easiest, quickest snack you can make for yourself is a sandwich.
Here are the ingredients of making a delectable healthy chow:


• 2 slices Bread – 2 slices of your choice
• Butter
• 1-2 slices ham
• Cheese – your choice
• Sliced onion
• Sliced tomato
• 1-2 Lettuce leaves
• Mayonnaise



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