I n a world where we live in the fast lane, we do not always have time to cook healthy well balanced meals. We tend to opt for fast food because  it’s easy to get, affordable and fills the tummy. Sometimes (when we have time) we dine out with our loved ones.

Dining out is a very popular past time for millions of people all around the world, however as popular as it is, it’s not very healthy. Restaurants often serve big portions of food which contain a lot more calories than a dish you would have prepared at home. Sometimes you may even be tempted to order something on the menu that may not form part of your diet.

They say your body is a temple and you should look after it. Although eating healthy and taking care of your well being may be hard (because of your fast paced life), it should be two of the most important things you strive for. With the help of dining revolution Eat Out Kenya, we have found a few healthy, yet delicious restaurant/menu options which may cut your cooking time in half without spoiling your diet.

Bridges Organic Health Restaurant

Organic dishes, organic food, healthy cuisine, Bridges Organic Health RestaurantThe demand for organic food has increased rapidly all over the world due to it’s nutritional value and other health benefits. The Bridges Organic Health Restaurant is said to one of the best organic restaurants in Nairobi that specialises in tantalising organic dishes only.

According to them organic foods is said (and happily proven by customers) to be up to 50% more flavourful than food grown with chemicals. Going organic greatly reduces the chances of falling sick from the numerous lifestyle diseases in our society today.

Bridges Organic take pride in the preparation of their cuisine and ensure that every dish is professionally prepared with the highest nutritional value.  The Eat Well Live Healthy menu consists of organic vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, very popular organic vegetable soups, fresh organic vegetable juices,  fruit juices, organic teas, organic coffee, large helpings of salads, fresh fruit smoothies and and snacks with a healthy twist. 

If you are dedicated to healthy living or want to start living healthy, a reservation at Bridges Organic Health Restaurant should be on your itinerary for this week.

Le Rustique

Set in a beautiful, well maintained garden right in the heart of Nairobi’s bustling westlands area is the elegant Le Rustique restaurant. The Mediterranean cuisine restaurant that specialises in fresh and healthy meals from Southern Europe and Northern Africa presents a different menu every week – always home-cooked and freshly made.

Le Rustique, fresh healthy cuisine, healthy food

The kitchen has a menu which changes every Thursday. The menu consists of a selection of light dishes or starters, which always include vegetarian options, and a choice of five main courses, again with 2 vegetarian options. Changing the menu every week means we can ensure that everything is always fresh, as it is only on the menu for one week.

If you are tired of the mundane dishes and want a unique dining experience then reserve your table at Le Rustique because no two meals at there are the same.

Haru – Sushi & Shabu

Attention all sushi and seafood lovers! If you’re not into chicken and prefer the other white meat then Haru is the perfect restaurant for you. Many people may think sushi is fattening because of all that rice, but there are several health benefits of eating sushi.

Haru Sushi Restaurant , Sushi

It’s ideal for healthy diets because sushi is low in saturated fat and high in protein. The rice used to make sushi is low in fat and sodium free. Certain pieces of sushi (maki for example) are high in Vitamin A, B-complex, Niacin and Vitamin C.

Haru Sushi and Shabu, Sushi, Shabu

If you want a healthy, beautifully presented fast food meal that won’t spoil your diet or healthy lifestyle then pop in to the sushi bar at Haru for a fresh delicious serving of your favourite sushi.

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