When you ask people about their unhealthy eating habits, many confess the desire for proper nutrition but quickly complain that it is impossible on a budget. With little income supposed to feed a family, it is easy to choose junk food or avoid certain nutrients. This is a bad and untrue suggestion because healthy eating is indeed possible on a budget:

  • African countries like Kenya are held steady by agriculture which means that food is in constant supply. Local farmers wake very early in the mornings to deliver their produce to major cities and this is the perfect opportunity to buy fresh items for a small price. This will save you lots of money as opposed to when you buy farm produce at supermarkets.


  • Your cooking methods determine the price you pay to eat healthy. If you’re in town where boiling cereals is impossible, invest in a pressure cooker to cut cooking time on gas and electric cookers. Some people have energy saving stoves which save on fuel and preserve the environment as they prepare their favorite healthy meals.


  • If you don’t have enough money to buy whole grain food items such as maize flour you can use alternative methods. Go to the local posho mill with a kilo of maize to have it milled for a few coins. This will get you rich, whole grain maize flour for a decent meal of ugali.


  • It might not seem like it but; planning and preparing meals in advance can be a great way to save on healthy meals. Make time to prepare healthy meals during the weekend and put them in the fridge to eat during the week. This is an ingenious idea that saves time, conserves energy and makes you healthier. If you follow this tip, there will always be a plate of home cooked food that you can heat up faster than waiting for pizza when you get back home from work.


  • Prime cuts of meat are usually more expensive because butchers take their time to make them attractive and healthier. In Kenya, it is possible to get the same cuts for a little extra cash if you are brave enough to ask the butcher. To save your money and get the best cuts of meat available, head out to local markets close to the slaughter house. There they sell meat for a fraction of the price, only leaving you to clean, chop and transport it safely to your house.


  • Whole grains and cereals tend to be very cheap yet they are an excellent source of nutrition. If your aim is healthy eating, make meals that fit your budget by choosing grains over expensive meat or fish.

The secret to healthy eating on a budget is going off the beaten track to obtain foods cheaply. This coupled with energy efficient preparation methods will ensure that your healthy food comes at the best deal for you and the environment. However much you might be trying to eat healthy, yet save never cut any nutrients from your diet as treating health problems that arise from that is also expensive.


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