HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT – THE HEALTHY WAY.In most cases people are trying to lose weight, but there are some people who are naturally thin and may find it hard to gain weight and to go about it in a healthy way. Some medical conditions may alter the way you digest food so it would be a good idea to visit your doctor to test if you have any hormonal imbalances or medical conditions which may be the cause of insufficient absorption of nutrients. If your doctor has ruled this out, here are some steps and tips to gain weight the healthy way.

Healthy eating is the key

Your ultimate objective should be to build an ideal body weight according to your age, gender and height. Gaining weight gradually is the most recommended approach. Stick to eating foods that are nutritious with high calorie content such as breads (whole grains), potatoes and vegetables (high in fiber) and fruits high in fat content such as avocados. Lean meats, poultry products and seafood’s should also be included in your eating plan as protein is essential for muscle formation and gaining weight.

Your goal should be to consume foods that are loaded with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and calories so each bite is packed with goodness. A tip is also to supplement your foods with additional ingredients like yoghurt, fruit and nuts.

Eat regular meals

Now that you know what to eat you should create your own food schedule. Gaining weight requires an increase in calorie consumption and therefore you need to stick to eating substantial meals and snacks more often. Your meal schedule should include six meals a day with at least three of them incorporating protein, starch, vegetables and healthy fats. The ideal meal schedule should include at least three heavy meals and three snacks per day.
A good example of a meal would be a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread spread with mayonnaise and tomatoes. You can end of the meal with a health fruit smoothie.

Good snack choices would be nuts, cheese, dried fruits, yoghurts, avocados, pretzels, crackers and peanut butter.
Increase your muscle mass:

If you do not exercise regularly then you should consider building your muscle mass through strength training. If you want to go this route then you should include protein-rich snacks like protein energy bars, protein shake or low fat chocolate milk after your workout as a post workout fuel.

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