S ome men marry for love. Here’s why you should marry for health. You probably know some of the health benefits of being in a good marriage. But do you know the biological explanations?

Most major surveys conducted of men around the world come to the same overwhelming conclusion. Men are better off in a good, solid marriage. Footloose and fancy free has its time and place, but is best enjoyed before you turn 30. Get it done, and then settle down. And when you do, settle down with a smart woman. Studies show that she will reduce your risk of heart disease, your cholesterol, your hypertension and your tendency to sit around watching TV when you should be doing some exercise. A smart wife, in other words, equals a healthy heart.

Here’s another reason to marry. A good wife will help you diagnose cancer sooner rather than later. And she will increase your chances of survival. It’s one thing to be conscious of your health. Of course, you must be conscious of the health of your marriage too. Few things are as bad for you as a loving relationship that has turned bad. Divorce and separation can wreak havoc on your health. You will increase your chances of a heart attack and dying from a stroke. We are definitely more susceptible to illness when we lose a partner than women are.

What are the biological reasons? There are two things you should be aware of. Firstly, increased stress – for whatever reason – will increase the levels of stress hormones in your body and they, in turn, will raise your blood pressure. Secondly, small proteins called cytokines. The lack of a marital partner will cause the increased production of cytokines and they cause inflammation, now identified as one of the prime causes of cardiac problems.

You see, marriage is all about the heart. You marry for both love and health.

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