O n most days one tries to retain a large amount of information and content, but your brain does not always allow that. The truth is that your brain is a living organism that needs to be trained, fuelled and challenged in order to function optimally. There are so many things we can incorporate into our daily lifestyle to get our brain cells active.

Top 10 ways to Boost your Brain Power

1.) Breakfast and water
One of the best ways to get your brain functioning is to feed it with a healthy breakfast. Studies show that skipping breakfast will decrease your performance for the day. Stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. Omegas 3’s are essential fatty acids and help improve the functioning of the brain. You can find them in salmon, walnuts and flaxseed oil.

2.) A good night’s sleep
Having a good night’s rest allows your brain to regenerate and store all the information you have processed throughout the day, therefore allowing new information to be retained.

3.) Physical exercise
Moderate exercise especially aerobics promotes the growth of new brain cells. It can enhance mental functionality and brain processing speed by allowing more oxygen to be transported to the brain.

4.) Brainstorming
A brainstorming session at work or at home with your friends and family is a great way to get your brain working by coming up with new creative ideas.

5.) Meditation
Sitting silently and concentrating on slow, deep breathing is a form of meditation. This helps improve your memory, concentration, decision makings skills and relieve stress.

6.) Learning
Try doing different brain exercises every day, such as a Sudoku puzzle, cross word puzzles, or building a puzzle. The brain craves new and exciting tasks to keep stimulated every day.

7.) Have sex
Having sexual intercourse with your partner will release vital hormones in the brain related to problem solving, creativity and logical decision making. Sex is also a good way to connect with your partner, think positively, relieve stress and boost your confidence.

8.) Read a book
Reading teaches your brain to absorb large amounts of information in short time frame. Reading also stimulates your visualization skills, strengthens your vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

9.) Moe the lawn
Research has proven that mowing the lawn will relieve stress and boost your memory. The smells and actions of this chore works directly on the brain to alter your emotions.

10.) Paint a picture
We are not all born to be talented artists, but we can all try and test our abilities to paint something and get creative. Painting stimulates the right brain to function which is your creative side.

Do you have any more techniques or methods to help boost brain power? Please share them with us in the comment box below.


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