I t’s a common misconception that acne only affects teenagers or people who eat lots of sweets and chocolates. Unfortunately, this is not true. More than 17 million people of different ages suffer from acne, which may be caused by stress, unhealthy lifestyle, family genes and certain medications. Research has reveals that acne is more common in women. Not fair right? Well, here is a list of very handy home remedies for you to try out and test on your spots.

home remedies for acne

1. Lavender or tea tree oil – These oils are fantastic natural cures for zapping that zit. Use a drop of either one on a piece of cotton wool, rub it over your spots, leave overnight and watch the magic work.

2. Apples and honey – Grate a quarter-sized apple into a fine smooth texture and add a tablespoon of honey to make a sticky paste. Apply to your whole face as mask or only apply to your pimples and leave on for twenty minutes before washing it off thoroughly.


3. Tomatoes – Try washing your face with fresh tomato juice and leave it to settle for approximately an hour, then rinse.

4. Lemon juice – Lemons are filled with wonderful properties to help reduce pimples. Try rinsing your face with freshly squeezed lemon juice as this will absorb surface oil on the skin and reduce the size of your blemishes.

5. Green tea ice cubes – Green tea boasts amazing health benefits and can be used to reduce the swelling of pimples, It also keeps your skin smooth with a healthy glow. Rub the ice blocks over the blemish area two to three times a day for effective results.

6. Strawberries – These yummy fruits are great to eat and handy when you have a nasty pimple. Slice through the top half of the strawberry and dab onto the affected area. Let the juice settle for 20minutes and then rinse your face.

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7. Garlic – This is a miracle cure for acne sufferers. Peel a clove of garlic and mash it with a fork until it resembles a smooth paste. Apply this to your pimples and let it set for 20 minutes until rinsing.

8. Nutmeg and cloves – Mix together 2tsp whole cloves and 1 tsp ground nutmeg in a ¼ cup of milk. Heat on low for 10 minutes and then allow the milk to cool down. Wash this spicy milk mixture over your pimples or your whole face with a clean facecloth.

9. Mint leaf – Wash your hands thoroughly then take a fresh mint leaf and rub it between your fingers until bruised. Rub the juice over your pimple and leave on for 30 minutes then rinse off with water.


10. Cabbage leaves – Mash your cabbage leaves in a mortar and pestle then rub over the affected area. You should leave it on for at least 30 minutes and then rinse off.

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