S leep – one of the many pleasures in life. For some it’s a necessity, for others it’s a luxury… But how important is proper sleep? Well, if you want a healthy metabolism and weight, want to be productive, mentally sharp and full of energy for the entire day then a good night’s rest every night is extremely important.

Many people would all love to get at least eight hours of sleep every night but their busy lifestyles don’t always allow it. Stressful jobs, family issues and responsibilities and unexpected challenges can take a toll on anyone. This can affect sleeping patterns in a negative way.

Do you wake up feeling more tired than you did before you got into bed? Do you feel worn out and moody when you get out of bed in the morning? You may not be able to control all the factors in your life that affect your sleep, but you can try to adapt them in order to get a proper night’s rest. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Maintain a regular sleeping schedule

Choose a specific time to go to bed every night and stick to it – even on weekends. Don’t go to bed too early. Make sure you are really tired so that you avoid tossing and turning during the night.

2. Sleep on a comfortable bed

Sleep on a comfortable mattress that won’t leave you feeling stiff the next morning. Make sure your pillows are comfortable too. Design your bedroom/sleeping space to suite your every need. A perfect sleeping space would be quite, dark and cool.

3. Eating before sleeping is bad

Pay attention to what you eat and drink before you go to sleep. Don’t sleep immediately after you have had something to eat. It will make you feel bloated and the discomfort will keep you awake.

4. Bed = sleeping only

Use your bed for sleeping only. Do not take your laptop and books with you to bed. Avoid watching television in bed too. The television’s light will keep you up.

Sleep deprivation can be dangerous because it can can lead to health problems, a low sex drive, make you forget things, may result in weight gain and it ages your skin. So follow the steps above and get your eight hours of sleep tonight.

Image by Danilo Rizzuti

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