Bullying is a serious problem that most kids find themselves trapped in. Most of the kids who bully other kids have low self esteem, receive no love at home or been bullied before. Is your child being bullied as well? If yes here are the few things you have to take in to consideration.

Listen to your child
Most kids who are bullied find it difficult to expose the people who bully them. They feel embarrassed to do so. It takes courage for a child to admit that someone is picking on them. The worst you can do is to ignore or dismiss a child’s complaint of being bullied.

Believe whatever they say.
Listening is not enough. Believing what they are saying is another important thing to do. They tell you knowing that you will believe them and do something about it. Bullying is a serious matter and isn’t something kids are likely to lie about, so give your children the benefit of the doubt, and let them tell their full story. Get as much information as you can.

Support your child
You have listened and believed what your child had to tell you. You must now support him or her. Telling her not to worry everything will come to pass means you don’t care about your child because being bullied is not a something that just goes away. Make sure that you follow up in order to resolve the issue. Do not forget to tell your child that there not to blame for what is going on in their life.

Find ways to help your child figure out the best way to respond to the bully. There are many ways you can encourage them. This will also help them to be able to stand up for themselves.

Notify the School about the bully’s behaviour.
Most of the bullies don’t do this to one person. If you keep quite most of the kids including your own will continue being vulnerable. It’s advised to contact your child’s teachers and principal. Tell them what your child told you. Ask them to keep an eye on the bully and intervene if he or she starts picking on someone. Be prepared for some disappointments from the school and stand your ground if you meet with resistance because it’s your child’s future we are talking about here.

Once you have told the school about this issue. Ask your child, on a regular basis, how things are going at school. Ask specifically about the bully. Find out if the harassment behaviour has continued. Make sure to stick with the matter until it’s resolved.

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