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Holiday Health Mistakes and How to Feel Better


For many the year end is a time to relax with family and friends and to indulge in food and drink, throwing any thoughts of good health out the window. Eleven-and-a-half months of the year, you probably do the right thing. You eat healthy, exercise regularly, and maintain your work/life balance. Hectic Holidays So what […]

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Drink Alcohol Safely in the Festive Season


The festive season is a time when people gather socially with family and friends across the world. But sometimes it can be ruined by too much alcohol. While many will reach January 2015 and look back over the season with happy memories, others will remember the bad effects of drinking too much – headaches, sickness, […]

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Stress, Depression and the Holidays: How to Cope


It is the end of the year and everybody is tired. Some are able to go on holiday and others stay at home and celebrate with family and friends. So why are so many people stressed and depressed at Christmastime? And what can we do to help loved ones cope with stress and depression this […]

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Top 5 Healthcare Concerns to Kenyans

min of health

In lieu of the recent news reports of Kenyan doctors striking, we (My Health Kenya) decided to launch a healthcare-themed […]

How to maintain happiness in 10 easy steps

There are hundreds if not thousands of quotes about happiness but no matter how many words of wisdom our ancestors […]

How to help your child deal with teenage stress

Like anyone else, teenagers are faced with stressful situations all the time. Adolescence and self- discovery are just some of […]

Signs of Mental Illness

Mental illnesses are common but people are either too detached from reality or burying their heads in the sand to […]

What to do When Feeling Suicidal

Mental Health

Most people feel like committing suicide at one point in their lives but the difference is in how they deal […]

How to budget for Christmas


We all want to spoil our loved ones and buy gifts for Christmas, but our pockets sometimes wouldn’t allow this […]